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Top of the World at Heli Lounge Bar

heli lounge bar thumb 150x150 Top of the World at Heli Lounge BarTop of the world at Heli Lounge Bar! Well, not exactly top of the world but that is the feeling you get when peacefully perched atop the Heli Lounge Bar with a drink in hand. The Heli Lounge Bar is one of the best spots to catch the sunset or star gazing without having to travel too far from the city. Located on the top of Menara KH in Raja Chulan, you have the luxury of getting there early with no hassle as you move from Apple Hotel Alor.

But watching the sunset and star gazing is but one of the things to do at the Heli Lounge Bar. Being a bar, there needs to be a place to sit comfortably with drinks in hand and they have done an immaculate job in providing that. The interior holds true to its name with custom furniture and decorations to play to the theme of aviation – turbine engine tables and whatnot.

“Currently KL’s Best Kept Secret, HELI Lounge Bar is a brand spanking new dance club that is set to take KL’s night scene by storm and may no longer qualify for that catchphrase soon. Located on the 34th floor of Menara KH in the heart of the Golden Triangle, an ultra-cool clubbing experience awaits behind the nondescript main entrance.”

Taken from: Heli Lounge Bar Facebook


“On the helipad, you will get a stunning 360-degree view of KL city. The sunset here is definitely Instagram-worthy, and you don’t even have to use a filter (provided there’s no rain, of course).”

Article by: Time Out Kuala Lumpur – Heli Lounge Bar


“Heli Lounge Bar isn’t just another KL rooftop watering hole; customers can spend the evening sipping cocktails on the 36th-floor helicopter landing pad of Menara KH, with no walls or windows to fetter their 360-degree view of KL’s skyline.”

Article by: Eat Drink KL – Heli Lounge Bar @ Menara KH, Sultan Ismail


“Bored of the usual sky bars or rooftop bars? Heli Lounge Bar is here to give rooftop bar a twist because it’s no ordinary rooftop bar. It’s a rooftop bar on a helipad with 360º panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur with no window, no fence, and no barrier.”

Article by: Peggy Chow – Heli Lounge Bar

For an unforgettable night, Heli Lounge Bar is the place to go where you can catch the sunset, star gaze or just sip on cocktails in a coolly decked out bar.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page for more updates on the going-ons of Heli Lounge Bar.

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