Kuala Lumpur Thaipusam 2014
January 15, 2014
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Wrecking Crew Orchestra thumb 150x150 Beat Bumper by Wrecking Crew OrchestraIf you have ever watched the Step Up films, you will know just how amazing those dances inspired by lights and Tron costumes are. There is just something captivating about the way the dances are choreographed to fit the music and the lights blinking away to the beat of the music.

The Wrecking Crew Orchestra from Japan has taken that inspiration and carved out their own niche. On a whole new level, their dance styles is nothing short of spectacular with fast paced music, cleverly coordinated lights, timing and movement makes the Beat Bumper by Wrecking Crew Orchestra is a treat. Held at the KLPAC on the 1st of February 2014, this Kuala Lumpur dance show is one for the ages.

“The critically lauded Wrecking Crew Orchestra dance outfit from Japan is set to thrill KLites with their snazzy Tron-inspired aesthetic. The YouTube icons are renowned for their signature electro-luminescent costumes and flawless choreography to popular dance music.”

Article by: Time Out Kuala Lumpur – Beat Bumper by Wrecking Crew Orchestra


“Multi award winning Japanese dance team Wrecking Crew Orchestra is lighting up Kuala Lumpur with their Tron inspired dance performance. With 25 million views and counting, come witness the YouTube sensation live and in person as they showcase perfectly choreographed dance moves in their signature electroluminescent costumes to popular dance music.”

Article by: Beat Bumper by Wrecking Crew Orchestra (1 Feb 2014)


“Oh yeah! Wrecking Crew Orchestra is coming to town! The Japanese crew will be bringing their Tron-inspired dance performance to KLPac this coming February 1st at 8.30pm. Already a massive YouTube sensation of their own right, get ready to be wowed by the award-winning dance team as they light the city up with their killer show.”

Article by: Gumball – Beat Bumper by Wrecking Crew Orchestra


Their sensational dance video that shot them to mainstream stardom:

Catch Beat Bumper by Wrecking Crew Orchestra, a truly unique Kuala Lumpur dance show on the 1st of February 2014 at KLPAC have your minds blown.

Stay close to the Wrecking Crew Orchestra via their website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Youtube.

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